Associates & Delivery Partners

Joseph Kidd – Associate Director

Joseph is one of the founding Directors of Venn Associates. He has been at the forefront of the growth of offshore renewables in the UK over the last 15 years having supported the early development of Round 3 offshore wind farm projects, and then helping develop the majority of wave and tidal projects in the UK since 2016.

Joseph has experience across all aspects of project development – from site identification, constraints analysis and stakeholder engagement, through to securing grant funding and private investment, environmental consenting and commercial agreements.   In one of his previous roles he led the project development team for a world-leading technology developer where he was responsible for a development portfolio of over 200MW of tidal energy projects, and more recently he has managed the development of the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in the Milford Haven waterway.

Joseph also has extensive experience in initiating and delivering innovative research projects and programmes. He is one of the founders of GreenSeas Resources which is focussed on the sustainable management and utilisation of macro algae. He helped establish and manage the Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) for Ocean Energy which brings together key stakeholders and academia in the UK to identify priority research areas to address consenting uncertainty. And he recently supported ORE Catapult in establishing the Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) in South Wales, working with key technology developers and associated supply chain to identify and find solutions to innovation challenges.

Joseph is a certified Association of Project Management, AMP Practitioner, with extensive experience of managing projects, and responsibility for budgets, resources, schedules and risk management.

Jessica Hooper – Associate Director

Jessica is one of the founding directors of Venn Associates. She is an accomplished Project Manager with AMP Practitioner certification, and extensive experience in both the terrestrial and marine renewable energy sectors in Europe.

Jess is a keen advocate of sustainability and renewable energy with wide-ranging commercial and managerial experience and a reputation for efficiency, strong work ethic and excellent attention to detail.

Her interested in renewables started when she consented and commissioned a wind farm development on family owned land at Venn Farm, and she has since supported many renewables projects including onshore and offshore wind and marine energy.


Claire Palmer – Associate Business Developer

Claire is an experienced Business Development and diversification professional. She is a dynamic, solutions orientated individual who sees opportunities and networks in order to grow strong business and professional partnerships. She has the flexibility to sustain a wide variety of projects simultaneously, identifies leads, and builds long term relationships quickly and is an excellent account manager.

Claire recently worked with Venn Associates in supporting Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult on the development of the Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence (MEECE) in Pembrokeshire.

Lucy Greenhill – Associate Researcher & Consultant

Lucy provides research and consultancy services on the development of marine governance, and particularly how it can respond to the complex challenges of sustainability. She works with policy makers and stakeholders to develop adaptive, integrated governance and management. This includes ensuring resilience in governance to adapt to climate change-related effects, integration of social and ecological considerations, and to account for emerging sectors such as marine energy, seaweed harvesting, floating offshore wind and expansion of aquaculture. She is particularly interested in the role of marine planning in this context.

Lucy has over 12 years of experience in marine management, including 5 years as a Research Fellow at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), working on interdisciplinary projects relating to the development of governance to address sustainability in ocean use. During this time she was also Convener of the Marine Planning and Governance Forum at MASTS (Marine Alliance of Science and Technology for Scotland) bringing together the academic community to support development of knowledge and transfer to support emerging marine planning in Scotland.

Prior to this, Lucy spent 5 years as an Offshore Industries Advisor at the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, providing statutory advice to government departments on policy development, planning and offshore development and co-ordinating across UK devolved authorities on approaches to marine environmental policy and management of marine activities, in line with European and UK legislation.

Delivery Partners