Venn Associates joins forces with Afallen

Venn Associates has joined forces with Wales’s leading sustainability consultancy Afallen as part of its continuing growth strategy.

Afallen delivers a wide range of services including project management, stakeholder engagement, and social and environmental impact reporting and management.  Afallen’s skills include research, data analysis, climate change, environmental science, communication and marketing, strategy development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, digital strategy and communications, the vulnerable customer agenda, and governance. Afallen’s clients include local authorities, the Welsh Government, housing associations, and a range of private and third-sector organisations.

Commenting on the appointment, Joseph Kidd, founder of Venn Associates said:

“I am delighted Venn Associates has joined forces with the Afallen team after working with them on a number of sustainability and renewable energy projects over recent years. I am looking forward to being part of a forward thinking team, focussed on helping Wales deliver its net zero ambitions and maximising value for Wales.”

Joseph will join the three existing Partners, Mari Arthur, David Clubb and Peter Trott to strengthen Wales’ leading sustainability partnership.

The addition of Venn Associates will also expand Afallen’s network of associates and presence across Wales.  Afallen works across Wales with a team of associates leading in their own sectors, keeping profits local and helping to keep skilled people working on projects in Wales.

Peter Trott feels Venn Associates will add value to existing clients and projects especially work on decarbonisation:

“Afallen aims to keep work, skills and profit in Wales and to help to grow stronger economies across all regions. We have gone from strength to strength over the last three years and expanding to include a new Partner will mean even more opportunities for Wales.”

Mari Arthur added:

“Having a new partner join us from a new and exciting sector feels like a real boost for Afallen. We look for global best practice and innovation to strengthen what we do in Wales and Venn brings a range of national and international contacts and experience to strengthen our team and our work; helping us develop new ways of making Wales even more sustainable.”

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