About Us

Venn Associates is dynamic team of Directors and sector-leading associates that come together to deliver engaging, impactful projects.

The name Venn originates from Venn farm in sunny Pembrokeshire where one of our founding directors grew up and developed their first onshore wind farm. The association with the famous Venn diagram also perfectly describes our way of working – bringing together diverse expertise, and bridging the gap between projects and stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes.   

Venn Associates works with public, private and third-sector clients on a broad spectrum of developments covering energy, environment and regeneration. We provide a range of support in instigating, developing and successfully delivering projects. We also provide support to industry-level activity that helps the growth of specific sectors, through research and strategic advice to inform policy.

The company is founded on the key principles of partnership; collaboration and cooperation - Venn Directors own and manage the business, and draw on a broad network of trusted individuals, to bring together a complementary combination of experienced individuals to fulfil client requirements. This structure means that our clients get highly motivated, experienced Partners working directly for them who have a stake in delivering high quality work.

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